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From gentle walking holidays to mountaineering adventures, Pudu Puda Travel curates unique itineraries in the great outdoors. All our trips are designed by team members who dedicate an extensive amount of time in each destination, scouting for every unique experience we would like to share with you! 




We are committed to provide an epic experience authentic to each destination; therefore, each trip is customised by matching your expectations and outdoors experience with our recommendations.



Besides visiting the crowd favourites in each destinations, we also like to take our travellers on breathtaking trails where few others venture on, and to authentic communities. One of our favourite experiences is sharing a cup of suja (butter tea) with a Bhutanese family, made with butter that has been freshly churned by us! 



From your first contact with us until the end of your trip, you will receive personalised attention from a dedicated member of our team. 

In each of our destinations, all our guides are experts in what they do, bilingual at the minimum, Wilderness First Responder certified and accredited by the local guides' associations. They know how to show you a good time, but are also extremely reliable and conscious about safety. They are also usually their own bosses, because we believe in supporting small local businesses.

Pudu Puda Travel is a fully licensed travel agency by the Singapore Tourism Board (Licence No. 03136).




We donate at least 10% of our profits to community projects in the destinations where we operate.


In Bhutan, we work with a local non-profit organisation, RENEW (Respect, Educate, Nurture and Empower Women). As Bhutan continues to develop in its own unique ways, RENEW is dedicated to ensure that the rights of women and families are protected in this process. Our focus is to create and run art outreach programmes for children affected by domestic violence, as well as the youth network which supports this community.


In Chile, we work with a public school in Puerto Natales by sponsoring excursions to the outdoors to encourage healthy living and healthy eating practices for children in the second grade.

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