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From the colours of the Andes, to the windy trails of Patagonia and further down towards the last frontier which is Antarctica, Chile is truly a long and narrow strip of life. 

The Atacama Desert in the north will impress you with its vivid colours and variety of landscapes, as you traverse altitudes spanning 2,500m to 6,000m above sea level. There is so much to do here, from mountain biking to mountaineering, to relaxing in thermal springs nestled in a desert valley.


In the south, Patagonia shows its majesty in a different way. This far south, the weather changes rapidly. Feel the force of the Patagonian wind as you trek over rocky mountain passes. Seek shelter in the pristine lenga forests. Each day promises you a different perspective of the peaks which rise above the fjords and lakes at the end of the world.

Many travellers do not realise that Easter Island is a part of Chile. Thousands of miles off the country's coast lies the land of the Rapa Nui. For sunset chasers, we can think of only a few places in the world which can top a sunset hike in the silhouette of the mysterious Moai.




Patagonia // Certified Wilderness First Responder

Most of our guests who have travelled to Puerto Natales and the world famous Torres del Paine National Park would have met Benjamin, our resident Patagonian trekking guide. He is an avid mountaineer and cyclist, and has spent 12 months on an unsupported cycling expedition from South Africa to Egypt. During the winter months, Benjamin can be found in his second home, Singapore, with his wife and daughter guiding on lesser known trails and enjoying his favourite street food.



Patagonia // Certified Wilderness First Responder

Hector, also known as Chino, grew up in Puerto Edén, the only village deep in the Patagonian fjords. With his expertise and love of the sea and mountains, he is our go-to person for everything we do in the waters surrounding Puerto Natales.



Atacama Desert // Certified Wilderness First Responder

Mariano has spent the last decade guiding in the mountains around San Pedro de Atacama, and he is our expert in northern Chile. His favourite excursion is the hike up the volcano Zapaleri, unique because its summit is the tripoint of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. Amongst his countless adventures, Mariano led an expedition to Licancabur volcano, during which a team member set the record for the longest dive in its crater lake at 5,900 metres above sea level!



Patagonia // Founder of Pudu Puda Travel

Xin Xin is a global nomad, having lived in Switzerland, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates before becoming the only Singaporean living in Puerto Natales. She manages the logistics of all our Patagonian adventures from September to April. Xin Xin loves epic high altitude treks, and is a finisher of the world famous 24-day Snowman Trek in Bhutan.




We specialise in tailor-made adventures in the great outdoors, curated based on our personal travel experiences in each destination. Get in touch with us to find out more!

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