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From the ancient medina and its hidden alleys of Fez, to the tranquillity of the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco is a land of vibrant colours and a mishmash of Arab, European and African cultures. Your exploration through the Western Kingdom, the literal translation of al-Maghrib (Morocco in Arabic), will be a journey of the senses. We love the bright colours of the souks and all the knick-knacks for sale, the smell of the spices, the ubiquitous adhan and the warmth of piping hot chicken tagine.

Relax in your mountain refuge perched above the Ourika Valley, overlooking the river, olive groves and orange orchards. Enjoy the silence as you drift over desert landscapes with views of secluded Berber villages and the snow-capped mountains in a magical hot air balloon at sunset. . Experience traditional rural life and learn to bake khubz (the local bread) in a Berber clay oven which has been used for centuries. Spend a morning bargaining for a carpet which caught your eye in the market. Morocco is a melting pot of experiences which awaits you.




We specialise in tailor-made adventures in the great outdoors, curated based on our personal travel experiences in each destination. Get in touch with us to find out more!

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