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Tanzania is an inherently wild and adventurous country synonymous with the word safari. From the annual migration across the endless plains of the Serengeti, to Africa’s highest mountain and the tropical shores of Zanzibar, the country has something for anyone seeking experiential travel. What we can guarantee is that you will return from a trip of a lifetime!


You will ramble through the bush in open-topped vehicles in search of game, perhaps chancing upon a lion feasting on a kill, a leopard relaxing in a tree of a herd of elephants crossing the plains. The terrain across the parks you will visit are incredibly varied, from baobabs dotting the landscape, to dense bush where the wildebeest rest on their migration, to the world’s largest intact caldera at Ngorongoro. One of our best kept secrets is to visit during the green season. And even if it rains, the showers will pass quickly as you wait in your game vehicle under a tree, but the after-rain experience is something magical.

If climbing Kilimanjaro is on your bucket list, we are happy to help make summiting Africa's highest peak a reality. You can count on our expert advice based on our personal climbing experience both on Kilimanjaro and other high altitude peaks around the world.

All of our explorations in Tanzania are created in partnership with Grumeti Luxury Travel, our trusted local partners in East Africa. 



We specialise in tailor-made adventures in the great outdoors, curated based on our personal travel experiences in each destination. Get in touch with us to find out more!

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