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#HackMyHike: Buying an Affordable Windbreaker

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Let’s be honest - outdoor gear is expensive. When I was starting out, I was often confused by the variety that’s available (even though I enjoy spending hours in the REI store when I’m in the US). If you are looking for a windbreaker for your first hiking trip, there really isn’t a need to splurge on a branded jacket.

Here's why we like the MH100 Jacket from Quechua:

  • At less than USD40, this is a very affordable windbreaker,

  • It has a hood to protect your head and neck from wind and rain,

  • It is water resistant in a moderate rain shower,

  • It is made of a breathable material and has ventilation slits to help wick away moisture,

  • It is light, easy to pack and you can continue to use is as a rain jacket during light showers when you are in the city, and

  • The fact that this is available in Decathlon stores means that you can buy this in 38 countries around the world and online!

Here's where to buy this jacket online for women and men.

Josephine on her first hiking holiday in Bhutan with her MH100 Jacket!

The idea of #HackMyHike is to provide you with information to make outdoor adventures more approachable. If you have any burning questions or ideas, please feel free to send them into so we can feature them in upcoming editions. We’ve also recently launched the FAQ page.

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