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Patagonian Horse Riding Adventure

Last week, we took one of our guests, Aline, on a 2-day horse trek along the Patagonian fjords, exploring new trails along the Last Hope Sound. Estancia La Peninsula on Peninsula Antonio Varas, located across the bay from Puerto Natales , is our favourite working farm here in Chilean Patagonia. Here’s what she had to say about her experience!

Q: Before travelling to Patagonia, did you have a lot of riding experience?

A: Not much. I used to spend my childhood on big farms with a lot of animals and I have fond memories of riding when I was a kid, so it was an exciting experience to get back on a horse.

Q: Tell us about your two days spent at the estancia.

A: The most wonderful scenery, evergreen landscapes with magnificent weather and great service! We rode almost 7 hours on the first day exploring the many hectares of the estancia, adventurous climbs to see the waterfalls along the way, super tasty lunch in the woods and a great night of rest at the refuge. The second day was filled with magnificent lake views surrounded by the peaceful Chilean mountains, fresh and salt water adventures (outstanding swimming experience!), 3 hours ride with a lot of learning and fun on the horses, a very traditional and delicious asado and wine experience to finish it all. Besides, the guides were super knowledgable and funny, the horses were very friendly and well trained. I felt very safe and comfortable during those two horse riding days.

Q: What was the most memorable part of this 2-day horse trek?

A: Hard to name just one: the amount of learning I got with the experience guides amazed me, the riding views were almost meditative, so peaceful and quiet, and the horses made the ride even more magnificent. I’ll never forget those two days! It was my best adult horse riding experience ever.