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Snowman Trek Photo Diary

Last year, I hiked the Snowman Trek in Bhutan, which starts in the Western provinces of the country, skirting the Tibetan-Bhutanese border along the Himalayas, and is known as one of the toughest treks in the world. In 23 days, we walked for 300 kilometres traversing 4 provinces, crossed 11 high mountain passes, climbed and descended a total vertical distance of 14,000m, ate our way through 280kg of rice and 480 eggs. A few tears, some WTF moments, a lot of laughter. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime!

In 2019, Pudu Puda Travel will be leading a similar expedition known as the Modified Snowman Trek from the hot springs of Gasa to the remote Himalayan region of Lunana. This cuts out the well-trodden first days of the classic route, and takes hikers first to the highest settlement in the country, Laya, before traversing the Lunana region. Here are some photos from last year's trek!

Some quick facts about our upcoming 2019 Modified Snowman Trek:

Departure / Arrival Point: Paro Airport (PBH), Bhutan

Dates: 29 September 2019 to 21 October 2019 (total 22 nights, 17 nights in a tent)

Grading: IV / strenuous, i.e. suitable for anyone with high level of fitness as days can involve more than 8 hours of trekking in remote and rugged terrain, adverse weather conditions, long multi-day expedition of more than 10 days and / or high altitudes.

Cost: USD7,000 per person excl. flights

Single Supplement: USD380 per person

Mininum Group Size: 4 persons

Questions? Get in touch with us at!

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