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Art Therapy in Bhutan

A few weeks ago, my sister, Qi, travelled again to Bhutan to continue our work with children affected by domestic violence, at the emergency shelter run by RENEW. We have been working closely with RENEW Bhutan in the last year, and aim to donate 10% of Pudu Puda's profits to our community-based projects and we work closely with RENEW Bhutan!

Both Qi and I personally run these art therapy and outreach programmes in Bhutanese communities, with the help of our local friends. The goal is to create a safe space for these children to recognise positive self-attributes and to express their emotions through art. The children’s ages range from toddlers to 20, and regardless of the unfortunate circumstances which brought them to the shelter, they are now able to grow up in a familial environment free from burden or harm. Here are some photos from the summer camp!

As we continue to build Pudu Puda's presence in our chosen destinations, we are also striving to give back to the local communities. Work is now underway to formally set up a charitable foundation, Pudu Puda Foundation, in order to fund our local community projects! If you have any ideas on how we can engage the youths through art or being outdoors, please get in touch with us at!

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